Matters of


“Each existant’s singularity is contingent upon its becoming one possible expressions of all other existants.”

— Denise Ferreira da Silva, On Difference without Separability, 2016.

Exploring ecological conditions with virtual others, the online screening invites you to write and create a collaborative ritual together, responding to the artist’s narrative while occupying the physical and virtual space.

Objectives are blurred. Logic is grey. Reason is minimal. Tapping into neural entanglements, this digital curatorial experiment is an attempt at collective ecological thinking, creating a singular expression via networked digital media.

Featuring Patricia Domínguez, Madre Drone, 2020. GaiaGuardianxs, an accompanying long-form experimental publication can be read here (2020, st_age).


From October 22 to October 28, the film will be streamed on-loop during the hours listed below. During these periods, you can enter the screening and watch the film while writing with others in real-time.*

Hours listed are in Eastern European Time (EET):

  • 2pm-4pm EET
  • 6pm-8pm EET
  • 10pm-12am EET

The platform is in beta and optimised for desktop viewing.**

*The real-time text will be moderated. Create as desired; tap into the imaginary. However, abusive, discriminatory and derogatory language will be removed.

**Please DM @mattersof_ for bugs and UX/UI feedback.

Madre Drone, 2020. 4k video, 21 minutes.

Commissioned by CentroCentro, Madrid, and Kiosko, Bolivia (2019).